Arts For Labour Manifesto (Draft)

Arts for Labour supports the goal of an arts and culture sector that serves the many not the few.

In support of this goal Arts For Labour provides a forum for the labour movement and supporters to inform, debate and respond to arts and cultural policy.

Arts for Labour is also an agency for members who wish to support Labour Party campaign activity.

Arts For Labour will advocate for,
  • A distribution and redistribution of resources to ensure Fair Access to arts and culture for all.
  • The end of discrimination in the arts and culture sector on the basis of race, class, gender, nationality, age, sexuality, religion and bodily or mental ability.
  • The rights of all arts and culture workers to earn an independent living and access life-long professional development
  • A central role for arts and culture in Education and Training.
  • The involvement of arts and cultural workers in determining policy nationally and locally.
Arts For Labour will,
  • Engage our members directly in the development of arts and cultural polic
  • Invite wider participationat a grassroots level by initiating public debate about the role of the arts and culture in society and what government policy can do to effectively strengthen that function.
  • Engage leaders from the arts and culture sector in a series of open consultations across the UK
  • Ensure that the best in progressive arts and cultural policy research and development,nationally and internationally, is available to the labour movement and to our member
  • Expand the network of arts and culture practitioners willing to campaign in support of this initiative and the wider goals of societal transformation
  • Promote the views of Arts For Labour to inform policy and practice of the arts.
  • Promote the Labour Party arts and cultural policy to our members.
  • Support Trade Union and other political campaigns as agreed by our members.
  • Recognise and support national and regional differences in arts and cultural policy.
  • Develop a database of members and supporters wishing to use their art form or profile to support campaigns of the labour movement and facilitate their involvement.

Arts for Labour will aim to become a transparent a transparent and democratic organisation, prepared to use participatory tools to achieve its objectives.