The ARTS POLICY HUB is a resource for activists, artists, policy makers and politicians, nationally and locally. Here you will find links to Labour’s cultural policy, as well as that of trade unions and other organisations and individuals who share our commitment to cultural democracy.

We aim to share research and evidence to inform our discussions, shape our collective response and strengthen current and future policy.

Cultural Policy:

Compendium of International Cultural Policies and Trends

Cultural Policy in the Polder (2018) 25 years of the Dutch Cultural Policy Act

Labour’s 2019 Manifesto – Culture, Media & Digital

Labour’s Charter For The Arts – 2019

Scottish Labour’s 2019 Manifesto – Culture, Media & Digital

Equity’s 2019 Manifesto for a balanced and sustainable ars & culture industry

Cultural Democracy:

Movement For Cultural Democracy Manifesto

Cultural Democracy Now – Red Pepper on Arts For Labour & Cultural Democracy

Arts For Labour Draft Manifesto (Draft)

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