About A4L

Helping build a fair, just and healthy society

Arts and culture are fundamentally important in helping build a fair, just and healthy society. Participating in a rich cultural life is essential in enabling every individual and their community to fulfill their potential and to make their voice heard. This should be accessible, as a human right,  freely and easily, in the places where we live and throughout our lives.

A nationwide network of arts and cultural workers

A4L is a nationwide network of arts and cultural workers which is open to all in the Labour movement and its supporters.

Set up in 1980, A4L has a long-standing commitment to cultural democracy. By this we mean encouraging arts and cultural practice which comes out of the lived experience – rooted and local – of everyone living in the UK. We mean directing the institutional arrangements for funding, development and innovation to focus on the many and not the few.

A resource for the Labour movement

A4L is a resource for the  Labour party and its supporters in local government, in the devolved administrations and at Westminster.

We want to help Labour set out progressive and electable policies.

A4L aims to broaden the labour movement’s understanding of the contribution which arts and culture can make across a wide range of policy areas such as social justice, health and well-being, education, the economy, international development.

This cultural and democratic approach needs the broadest range of voices and the best available evidence and analysis in order to help frame progressive and effective policy which can redress current imbalances and meet the challenges of the next ten to twenty years.

How to support and contribute

Cultural democracy relies on the support, commitment and talents of people working professionally and voluntarily across the country, whether individually, in the smallest local groups, or as part of the UK’s highest profile arts and cultural institutions.

For more information about supporting A4L or to make a donation, please use our PayPal account please contact our administrator.

For more information about supporting A4L please contact our administrator.