The ARTS POLICY HUB will be a resource for activists, artists, policy makers and politicians, nationally and locally. Future policy can be enriched and energised by discussion, evidence and which might test, inform and strengthen local and national manifestos and future policy intentions.

It will bring together Labour’s cultural policy documents as well as research and evidence on cultural democracy in action.

Cultural Policy might include:

Labour’s existing cultural policies for the UK, Scotland and Wales

Earlier Labour policies for culture and the arts

Examples of culturally democratic policies from Europe and elsewhere.

Cultural Democracy in Practice might include discussion, examples and research on:

Examples of cultural democracy in practice

Examples in other policy areas eg health, justice and education

Planning for and funding stronger local cultures, and local and national infrastructure.

Arts for Labour proposes to develop this web based resource over the next 12-18 months. This should be a collaborative process. Please suggest how we might take this project forward, what might be covered and what A4L might consider for inclusion in this resource to editor@artsforlabour.uk.